Suntrica SolarStrap solar charger in a test

Small, lightweight but robust and powerful solar charger extensively tested including a video …


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If the sun is shining, we are provided with 1000 watts per square metre free of charge. But still there are almost no smartphones or navigation systems with built-in solar cells. Luckily, there exist plenty of accessories to capture the sun’s energy to use it with smartphones and navigation systems. The company Suntrica specializes in solar charging accessories and provided us with its solar panel SolarStrap Universal.


The concept

In contrast to the most comparable solar chargers the SolarStrap is made of high-quality, flexible foam rubber, even the solar cells are flexible. Weighing only 65 grams the SolarStrap still is robust and splash proof; it probably would survive a free fall from any height without difficulty – a real outdoor device! The cells cover an area of 6.7 x 7.2 cm and charge a built-in Li-ion battery with 1500 mAh. Alternatively, the battery behind the panel can be charged either via USB or an optional available AC adapter. This battery then provides any gadget with 5 volts and up to 1000 mA charging current. Two LEDs inform about the charging time and battery status.



The accessories include the following plugs:

  • Apple Dock for iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.
  • miniUSB plug
  • microUSB plug
  • USB plug
  • Nokia connector (suitable for most Nokia phones)

(in the picture one can see an additional USB socket which is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately)



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